Ryan and Joyah were married in 2000 and expanded the family in 2009 with the birth of their son Hayden. Upon graduating from World Harvest Bible College in 2003, Ryan has been serving in Pastoral ministry ever since, Joyah being by his side the whole time. Ryan went to Botswana Africa in 2001 for a 2 month mission trip that impacted his life for ever for the nations. Later Ryan and Joyah made trips to Indonesia and Mexico taking the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and His healing power to the church and the un-churched. Many times they led teams of youth into Mexico, teaching our youth the importance of the great commission and serving the Lord whole heartedly. Showing that there are those in this world who have never heard the name of Jesus before, which is rare here in the States.

With an ever growing love for the people of God and a great desire to fulfill their destiny, Ryan and Joyah have launched out into the deep with the start of Journey Church in 2017. Ryan is your out-front, involved, charismatic leader and Joyah is your behind the scenes administrator that gladly leaves the stage to Ryan. These personality differences have made Ryan and Joyah a very good team, Ryan runs toward the big picture while Joyah picks up all the details. They then come together at the end of the day and fill in the canvas of their lives completing the picture and fulfilling destiny one day at a time.

Today, Journey Church meets at the Veterans Memorial District Building in old town Clovis. Journey Church launched here December of 2017 and has been loving their new home. Come and be a part of the new beginnings of Journey Church!