build heaven • empower people • strengthen our city


Mission Statement

Journey Church is a Christ centered, soul winning ministry. We are a community that is passionate about people and our city. It is our mission to reach the unsaved through the many various means and streams of preaching the Gospel and to build up the people of God through the different ministries of the Church. We endeavor to build, empower and strengthen the family which will in time bring a change to the culture of our city.  We desire to foster and grow the gifting and calling of God that is upon every believer in order to catapult each member of the body into their God given destiny.



Journey Church is a Bible teaching and forward moving ministry with a prophetic mandate to prophesy unity and life to the body of Christ.  Fulfilling the great commission and building up the body of Christ will forever be our foundation.  Fulfilling the great commission by preaching the gospel through outreach, social media and many other various means.  Building, empowering and strengthening the body of Christ through our discipleship program, home group meetings, children's services and Sunday services.  As we fulfill our mission God will shed light on our path that will increase our vision and give birth to many ministries within the church.

  • Our children's ministry will be like none other. Worship that will reach and draw our kids into the presence of God. The Word will be taught in a manner that speaks to our kids. Breakout sessions that will pull the gold out of our kids, voice lessons in worship, instrument lessons, art lessons, how to hear the voice of God and operate in prophetic ministry, all centered around Christ and the gifts that Jesus has placed in them.

  • Our outreach ministry will be involved in many para-church organizations in Fresno, also a street ministry, block parties, neighborhood children's services, large community events, and whatever means available to preach the gospel and further the Kingdom of God.

  • Our home group ministry will facilitate personal relationships and growth within the body.  To meet the felt needs of the body and to pastor the people well.

  • Our men's ministry, Journey men will provide a place for men to foster a more intimate relationship with our lord and Savior jesus christ. to grow a deeper understanding of god's word through brotherhood between men through prayer, connection and fellowship of shared experience. 

  • Our youth ministry will teach and train our youth the word of God.  To build Godly character and a culture of honor, to influence the generation that will someday lead us.

  • Our young adult ministry will empower the next generation to rise up and live the life that God has called them to. 

  • Our missions’ department will facilitate ministry trips across this nation and around the world to any who would ‘go’.

  • Our worship ministry will release the sound of Heaven and carry this sound to the body, worldwide.

  • Our 24 hour prayer and worship house will be a place for all to go anytime of the day and night to receive prayer and to give prayer.


What to Expect

We are a non-denominational ministry that loves the presence of God and loves the people of God.  You can expect to encounter the love and presence of God through warm fellowship and intimate worship.  Pastor Ryan is a Word-based preacher, teaching the importance of understanding the finished work of the cross, healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out devils. The work of the Holy Spirit is alive and moving through every believer that is willing to co-labor with Him.  Also, we dress casually here at Journey Church so come as you are.


What we believe

The scriptures are the inspired word of God, infallible and absolute.  2 Timothy 3:16

That ‘family’ is the key to a healthy body.  If there is ought between family how can we worship God.   Matthew 5:23-24

That the Lord our God is one Lord and exists in three persons, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.  Deuteronomy 6:4 and John 1:14; 10:38

That every person is in need of salvation and it is only the blood of Jesus that cleanses us of our sin.  Ephesians 1:7

That salvation is by grace through faith, believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth that Christ Jesus is Lord.  Romans 10:9-10

That you receive the Holy Spirit at the time of salvation guaranteeing us the promises of God.  Ephesians 1:13-14

That the baptism of the Holy Spirit is subsequent to receiving Him at the time of salvation and this baptism empowers us for the destiny by which we have been created.  John 20:21-22 and Acts 1:4-5,8

In water baptism as a good conscience toward God and as part of the great commission.  1 Peter 3:21 and Matthew 28:18-20

In the fruit of the spirit to live a life of character and honor.  Galatians 5:22 and Colossians 1:10

In the gifts of the spirit to empower us in outreach and to build up the body of Christ.  Acts 1:8 and 1 Corinthians 12:4-7